League of Girls Version 1.2 released

In June League of Girls was released in silent mode in version 1.0. Since then we have changed and improved the platform a lot. Although the site was already considered a "function complete" in June, we analyzed the site together with our partners. The numerous tickets created on Github are testimony of this.

An in-depth analysis and evaluation of these tickets led to a roadmap which we divided into version 1.1 and version 1.2 While the work on 1.1 was completed quickly and was therefore subsequently integrated into version 1.0, the work on version 1.2 continued until today.

In our opinion, the result is quite impressive. More than 90 commits led to the following innovations:

  • Redesign of the landing page
  • VideoPlayer Web Component
  • Redesign of the News channel
  • Improvements in the crawler function
    • performance
    • precision
  • Privacy
    • Users can now specify whether their social media channels can be crawled for the League of Girls News Channel.
    • Users can now more easily determine which information should be public and which should only be visible to their friends.
  • BenutzerInnen
    • Friends List
    • Dynamic Categories - Users can now specify their subject area or interests in their profile, e.g. Pro-Gaming, Hobby Gaming, Game Development or Education. You can also specify the gender (female, male, diverse).
  • News Stream
    • new filter options
    • search function
  • Meet Platform
    • New filter options by category allow users to quickly find interesting people in the League of Girls community.
  • Docker environment for faster development
  • Numerous API query improvements
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor and major UX improvements

Version 1.0 and 1.2 are available for download on Github. A more detailed documentation of the installation and numerous other features will be released with version 1.3. The planning phase for this version has already passed into the hot phase. However, function requests and bugs can of course be reported at https://github.com/PICAPIPE/league-of-girls/issues


At this point we would like to thank our partners and supporters, especially the "Internet Privatstiftung Austria", which funds the League of Girls as part of its program "netidee".

At https://league-of-girls.com/unterstuetzerinnen we have set up a page for organizations and individuals who would like to be officially listed as supporters of our project and are also committed to the support of female gamers and more diversity in the esports and gaming scene. We are looking forward to welcoming new members to our list.