The Esports School League in Pictures

At the first E-Sport League in Austria almost 300 students in 49 teams from Vienna Floridsdorf proved their gaming skills in "Rocket League", "Overcooked 2" and "FIFA 19". On 18.06.2019 the best 4 teams competed in the big final at the youth centre Marco Polo! With approx. 120 guests on site, a total of 30,500 spectators on Twitch (at the peak 2500 simultaneously!), a fun social programme and of course excitement until the end, the event was a complete success!

We congratulate the team of the Franz Jonas Europaschule to the 1st place!

We at PICAPIPE were delighted to implement the project together with the Bildungsdirektion Wien / BildungsHUB.Wien, LimeSoda Interactive Marketing GmbH and the Center for Applied Game Studies of the Danube University Krems. We would also like to thank all those involved, who made the E-Sport Schulliga Floridsdorf possible with a lot of commitment and initiative:

Thank you very much:

  • Georg Papai - for the great support in the district council Floridsdorf
  • Austrian Force eSports - to enable professional streaming of the e-sports spectacle
  • Youth Center Marco Polo - for the provision of a wonderful location for the event and the support on site
  • Rafael "Veni" Eisler - for the great hosting of the final on his Twitch channel
  • epunkt GmbH - for sponsoring the material prizes for the final teams
  • VCA Vienna Challengers Arena - for the invitation of all finalists to the VCA Vienna Challengers Arena and the VIECC Vienna Comic Con
  • Florian Madlberger, Philipp Stockinger & Stephan Tschany - for the amazing and very entertaining casting
  • Rebecca "JustBecci" Raschun & René "Luigikid" Wurz - for the energetic moves at the "Just Dance" Station
  • Bruno "John Lemon" Kapalka & David "Blizzii" Pan from Decamp Gaming - for challenging "Rocket League" matches at the "Beat the Pro" station
  • Ströck - for the delicious catering on site
  • A1 eSports - for the provision of gaming armchairs and beanbag chairs
  • all pupils and teachers - for participating and being there! You rock! :)

Since pictures say more than a thousand words, we would like to share our impressions with a video and a photo gallery.
Credits: Martin Reitschmied, PICAPIPE GmbH